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Diagnostic Assessment: Our CDFI consulting team will get under the hood and assess the health of your loan fund. We cover everything – business development, underwriting, risk rating, portfolio management, impact tracking and more. We deliver a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations to improve effectiveness, performance, and impact. Together, we set the priorities to implement the change necessary to achieve your vision. Examples?Upgrade staff skills; develop a stronger risk rating tool and portfolio management practices; formalize a technical assistance program; develop impact tracking tools; prepare you for SBA Microloan or Community Advantage; or tackle AERIS™  

Everyone on our CDFI consulting team has been on your side of the table and has produced the results to increase capacity and impact. 

Capitalization Strategy:  A capitalization plan serves as a blueprint for ensuring you have the cash and other assets you need to manage risk and pursue opportunity. Financial projections are not enough; you need to examine your long-term balance sheet. Our capitalization plans address your financial health and goals in the areas of liquidity, adaptability and durability. Friedman Associates CDFI consulting will focus on operations, capital, and loan reserves. Your CDFI Consultants will deliver a prospectus, investment instruments, and coaching to make the pitch.

Federal Grants: Need an “alter ego” to develop your CDFI application? Ready for SBA Microloan or SBA Community Advantage? The Friedman Associates promise: (1) your consultant has been on your side of the table. Operations, Lending, Development. They are good at this; and (2) we will write the best application possible that makes the case for your ask. The rest is up to you.

Strategic Planning: What are the big bold goals that will drive your growth over the next few years? Are they measurable? Will they be driven by action-oriented tactics? This is the kind of strategic plan we facilitate. It produces a unified vision and answers your next question: What do we do tomorrow?  
Market Analysis: CDFI services for (a) emerging CDFIs to quantify the need and market for financial products and services; and (b) established CDFIs seeking new market opportunities (geographic and/or products). No theory here, practical, evidence-based research and intelligence gathered from on-the-ground stakeholders. Friedman Associates CDFI Consultants will show you where the gaps are and how to fill ’em!
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Tactical Operations Plan for Sustained Growth: achieving ambitious goals requires a road map with GPS-like precision. Our experts at Friedman Associates CDFI services leaves nothing out – business development strategy; growth budgets; loan projections; staffing plan; and impact. Not a strategic plan, it presents highly detailed information specifically to direct staff to perform the day-to-day tasks required in the running your loan fund. Follow the road and look forward to celebrating your success. 
Board Development: We know there is legitimate pressure on CDFIs for performance and impact. So, it’s crucial to clarify what your board is there to accomplish, and ensure that it contributes as much as it can. Our CDFI Consultants can guide your board to assess the current the governance infrastructure and develop a plan to increase capacity.
Prep for the Test!: Friedman Associates is the first CDFI consulting firm that helps CDFIs prepare for an AERIS™ rating.  AERIS™ is the only comprehensive, third-party assessment of CDFIs. Our CDFI Consultants analyzes institutional capacity in AERIS™ ratings areas: Impact Performance — how well the Fund is achieving its social mission; and Financial Strength and Performance — overall creditworthiness based on a CAMEL analysis (Capitalization, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, and Liquidity). You get a detailed road map of what to do to meet AERIS™ standards and get the best rating possible. Then we prep your staff and board for the Analyst’s site visit.

Note: FA is not affiliated with AERIS™