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The ‘App’ That Takes the Stress Out of CDFI Fund Applications:

The myFund Workbook!

Click the image for a brief overview of the MyFund Workbook.

What is the myFund Workbook?

MyFund Workbook is an upgraded re-creation of the discontinued Excel workbook that used to be used to complete CDFI Fund FA/TA applications before the conversion to AMIS™.  Our version guides you step-by-step through the application and AMIS™ submission process. And since CDFI applications are a team effort, myFund uses cloud-based Google Drive to make collaboration straightforward and simple!

Why do I need the myFund Workbook?

AMIS™ has limited functionality and the workbook provided by the CDFI Fund does not address all aspects of the application. With AMIS™, you don’t have visibility into financial and lending trends, which are crucial to develop a strong narrative. In order to solve these challenges, we built a new version of the old workbook for ourselves and are offering it to you as well.

Why is included with my purchase of myFund Workbook?

  • Proprietary workbook that contains all required data elements so there are no surprises when you are entering the application in AMIS.
  • Narrative template that references the specific workbook data elements that can be used to bolster your narrative answers.
  • Project planning tool.
  • Access to a myFund user group where you can connect with expert consultants and hundreds of other applicants to ask questions, discuss the application, and receive guidance.  

How will the myFund Workbook speed up and improve our CDFI FA application?  

MyFund features include:

  • In-workbook notes, annotations, definitions, links to outside resources, and directions to help you understand confusing questions, make sense of unclear terminology, and avoid common application pitfalls.
  • Auto calculation to ensure accuracy.
  • Auto filling of duplicative data to save time.
  • Error checking to ensure data consistency.

What’s new in myFund in 2019?

  • Supplemental calculations illustrating financial and lending trends that can be used to inform the narrative.
  • PG&M calculations based on your chosen objectives.

Does myFund Address the CDFI Fund’s Application Assessment Tool (AAT)?

Yes!  While we no longer know how the CDFI Fund rates your financial capacity, we know the 24 ratios they will review in their Application Assessment To or AAT. The myFund Workbook auto-calculates those 24 ratios and provides guidance on what they mean. Use the results to write a strong narrative touting your CDFI’s financial position, and highlight how a CDFI FA grant would be used to further strengthen your organization’s financial capacity.

(Rave) Reviews from Our Clients

 “We are sold on the myFund workbook…It is an amazing product and it addresses the many frustrations that we had last year working through AMIS.”

Carla Weil, Chief Strategy Officer
Capital for Change

The myFund Workbook thoughtfully addresses many of the challenges around preparing and submitting the CDFI FA application. I am especially a fan of the auto-calculation and auto-fill features that will save time, and the error-checking that will ensure data is entered correctly and consistently. This tool will help speed up and simplify the process, and its features will help build a stronger, competitive application.”

Jen Leybovich, Senior Vice President Main Street Launch

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