Building the Intellectual and Financial Capacity of CDFIs

Laying the Foundation: Every CDFI needs a policies and procedures manual to guide its operations, strategy, and workflow. But you deserve more – a playbook for daily operations, with all the bells and whistles, but anchored in your specific mission, values, staffing, and borrowers.  

Deep Dive of CDFI Loan Fund Operations: What’s holding you back from realizing new growth and increased impact? We evaluate loan fund operations against industry standards and best practice. You get a detailed roadmap to  achieving the performance and impacts you aspire to – backed by a one-year implementation plan.

CDFI Fund Applications:  We don’t just write these applications; we use proprietary software that reveals your financial health and performance and accelerates preparation of the application. That’s just for starters.

CDFI Fund Certification: Certification is the gateway to achieving your vision for widely shared economic opportunity. Give us 30 minutes and we will tell you if you are ready for certification – at no cost. We then prepare your application and track it until approval!  

Financial Growth Model: for growth-oriented lenders, F|A, in partnership with Bumpercrops Consulting, offers a CDFI Financial Growth Model to predict your financial performance into the future. Now you will know what it will take – for capital, reserves, and operating – to reach your 5-year deployment goal.  We include a ​Strategic Financial Growth Plan​ – designed for strategic planning and funding requests – that lays out your growth strategy with crystal clarity. 

Strategic Planning: What are the big bold goals that will drive your growth over the next few years? Are they measurable? Will they be driven by action-oriented tactics? This is the kind of strategic plan we facilitate. It produces a unified vision and answers your next question: What do we do tomorrow?