We help build and grow remarkably successful Community Development Financial Institutions.

CDFI Consulting Services That Create Lasting Change

Filling the Gaps: Growth-oriented CDFIs bring us in to get ‘under the hood’ and assess the health of their loan fund operation. We diagnose everything – business development, underwriting, technical assistance, portfolio management, operations, impact tracking and more. The goods? A comprehensive report with detailed recommendations to improve effectiveness, performance, and impact. Together, we set the priorities backed by a detailed implementation plan.

The Playbook for Growth: We know its tough to forecast how quickly you can grow, and anticipate the level of expenses and resources required to scale up. A best guess just won’t cut it anymore. Our CDFI financial growth model will forecast your financial performance into the future. Now you can make informed financial decisions that match your vision!  We include a Strategic Growth Plan describing the ‘next’ organizational structure, budgets, staffing, products, capitalization, and board approved metrics.

Laying the Foundation: No time to waste figuring out what goes in a loan policy and procedure manual or how to develop an underwriting grid tailored to your borrowers. Friedman Associates will design the full suite of documents you need to run an industry standard loan fund.  And let’s be clear – anyone can deliver the what – it is the when and how that separates us from other consultants.  

The Best-Trained Staff Your Borrowers Deserve: you have a great team and will do everything you can to keep them productive and happy. Training is fine, but we focus on building skills that collectively build a culture of excellence and mission-driven success. How do we know? Just watch the changes in your dashboard and balance sheet!  

CDFI Fund Applications: We’ve been writing these applications for nearly 20 years – as practitioners and consultants. We don’t write a word until we assess you competitiveness and then craft a strategy that makes the best case for funding. We use proprietary software that accelerates preparation of the application. That’s just for starters.

CDFI Fund Certification: CDFI Fund Certification is the gateway to achieving your vision to create widely shared economic opportunity in your community. Give us 30 minutes and we will tell you if you are ready for certification – at no cost.  If not, you get an action plan to build capacity – at no cost!  Ready? We then prepare your application and track it until approval!  

Board Development: We know there is legitimate pressure on CDFIs for performance and impact. So, it’s crucial to clarify what your board is there to accomplish, and ensure that it contributes as much as it can. Our CDFI Consultants can guide your board to assess the current the governance infrastructure and develop a plan to increase capacity.

Strategic Planning: What are the big bold goals that will drive your growth over the next few years? Are they measurable? Will they be driven by action-oriented tactics? This is the kind of strategic plan we facilitate. It produces a unified vision and answers your next question: What do we do tomorrow?