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There’s an easier way to prepare your CDFI Fund Program Applications… 

Introducing the myFund! Workbook

The Challenge: The foundation of a competitive application is the financial data section. Applicants need to demonstrate they can maintain financial health and viability as they grow AND be able to discuss financial and portfolio ratios and trends in the narrative, creating a cohesive and compelling story for the reviewer.

The Problem: Neither the Excel workbook provided by the CDFI Fund nor AMIS™ provide any insight into your organization’s financial or portfolio ratios or allow you to see trends (positive or negative) over time. Without this insight, it is hard to develop a strategy and strong narrative that supports the financial data inputs, resulting in a disconnected narrative.

Solution: The myFund! Workbook analyzes risk and financial health metrics like capital adequacy, asset quality, earnings, and capital and operating liquidity. It contains all required data elements so there are no surprises when you enter the application in AMIS and guides you step-by-step through the application submission process. myFund is cloud-based, making it easy for collaboration among staff. 

myFund! Features and Benefits

  • In-workbook notes, annotations, definitions, links to outside resources, directions to explain confusing questions and terminology and avoid common application pitfalls.
  • Auto calculation to ensure accuracy.
  • Auto filling of duplicative data to save time.
  • Error checking to ensure data consistency.
  • Auto-calculation of the 24 ratios used by the CDFI Fund’s Application Assessment Tool (AAT). Use the results to write a strong narrative touting your CDFI’s financial position and highlighting how an award would be used to further strengthen your financial capacity.
  • P&M calculations based on your chosen objectives.

What does myFund include? For $1750.00 you receive:

  • Proprietary workbook: secure access to your license of the workbook and complete instructions.
  • Narrative template – the complete narrative application with character counts and instructions.
  • Project management tool: complete with checklists, accountabilities, timelines, etc.
  • Access to a myFund user group where you can connect with expert consultants and hundreds of other applicants to ask questions, discuss the application, and receive guidance.
  • Responsive customer support.

“We are sold on the myFund workbook…It is an amazing product and it addresses the many frustrations that we had last year working through AMIS.”

Carla Weil, Chief Strategy Officer
Capital for Change 

“The myFund Workbook thoughtfully addresses many of the challenges around preparing and submitting the CDFI FA application. I am especially a fan of the auto-calculation and auto-fill features that will save time, and the error-checking that will ensure data is entered correctly and consistently. This tool will help speed up and simplify the process, and its features will help build a stronger, competitive application.”

Jen Leybovich, Senior Vice President Main Street Launch

For a demo or to purchase your copy of myFund! contact Amy Szabo at