We help build and grow remarkably successful Community Development Financial Institutions.

Friedman Associates, L.L.C. is a CDFI Consulting firm of the most sought after experts dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of mission-driven lenders.

What Does That Mean?

We focus on just three things. We meet our clients where they are on three challenges: financial sustainability; enduring capacity; and mission impact. Is there anything else?

Where we come in. Assess and upgrade operations to meet industry standards. Develop a financial growth model with a defensible forecast and tactics for growth and impact. Train staff in best practices. A playbook to launch a new CDFI…..

Why F|A?  Because the stakes are too high – for your organization, your borrowers, and your community. You deserve to work with seasoned industry experts relentlessly dedicated to your success.

CDFI Fund Program Applications: It Comes Down to This…

Unmatched competency: seasoned professionals that know your business because we have lived it ourselves – leadership, finance, lending, development. We’ve been writing these applications for nearly 20 years.

Unparalleled approach: we assess your competitiveness and craft a strategy that makes the best case for funding. We use proprietary software that accelerates preparation of the application. That’s just for starters.

Are You ‘Certifiable‘?  Welcome to CDFI Certification Central!

CDFI Certification is the gateway to achieving your vision to create widely shared economic opportunity in your community. In 30 minutes, we can assess your readiness for certification – at no cost We then prepare your application and track it until approval!

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