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Financial Sustainability….Enduring Capacity….Mission Impact.

Is This Your CDFI’s Strategic Plan for 2019?

Let’s talk. We have a few ideas to share.

Friedman Associates is a CDFI Consulting firm, relentlessly dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of CDFIs.  A team of senior-level industry experts, we’ve launched start-ups; executed growth strategies; increased sustainability; and raised millions for capital and operations. Bottom line – we give you the tools to build and grow sustainable nonprofit financial institutions.

Our 3-Step Plan will improve your ability to create widely shared economic opportunity and achieve measurable impact. Our clients are among the leading CDFIs in the nation. Let us show you how we relentlessly support their success!  Learn more


Why Trust Friedman Associates with Your CDFI Fund Program Application?


  • We are you: former Executive Directors, CFOs, Loan Fund Directors, Development Directors, and Underwriters.
  • We do more good: professionals with a proven track record of results that lead to change.
  • We know what works : we assess performance, craft the strategy, promote your strengths, and make the best case  possible – period.
  • We need a competitive CDFI partner: you meet us half-way with an engaged staff, and demonstrated mission-driven success and impact. We do the rest.    

Ready for CDFI Fund Certification?

Our CDFI Consultants will tell you ‘straight up’ whether you qualify for CDFI Certification and tell you if you meet the 7 tests – at no cost!  We track your CDFI Certification application from submission to approval. Then we can get you started on the path to obtain the capital your clients deserve!