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Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are a proven tool to provide affordable capital for individuals and communities that are denied the opportunity to make their case for a more inclusive and equitable local economy.

Friedman Associates helps build and grow remarkably successful CDFIs.  

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Friedman Associates CDFI Consultants

Friedman Associates  – CDFI Consulting

3-Steps  to Increased Performance and Impact


CDFI Consultants, Friedman Associates

Welcome to the fastest growing Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) consulting firm. Friedman Associates is relentlessly dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of nonprofit lenders. 

We offer the largest and most experienced team of CDFI Consultants in the industry. We have launched start-ups; implemented growth strategies; captured new markets; and raised millions for capital and operations. Bottom line – we give you the tools to build and grow sustainable nonprofit financial institutions.

Ready to do more good?  No “boilerplate” here. Your scope of work is tailored to your needs with Executive-level attention. You should expect nothing less. CDFI Consulting that translates into increased impact.

Our 3-Step Plan will increase access to capital in your community, create widely shared economic opportunity, and achieve measurable oucomes. Our clients are among the leading CDFIs in the nation. Let us show you how we relentlessly support their success!  Learn more

Why Trust Friedman Associates to Write Your CDFI Fund Applications?

We are you: former Executive Directors, CFO, Loan Fund Directors, Development Directors, Underwriters, etc.

We do more good: professionals with a proven track record of results that lead to change.

We know what works : we assess performance, craft the strategy, promote your strengths, and make the best case possible – period.

We need a competitive CDFI partner: you meet us half-way with an engaged staff, and demonstrated mission-driven success and impact. We do the rest.

Looking at CDFI Certification?

Our CDFI Consultants will tell you ‘straight up’ whether you qualify for CDFI Certification and tell you if you meet the 7 tests – at no cost!  We track your CDFI Certification application from submission to approval. Then we can get you started on the path to obtain the capital your clients deserve. 

Ready for the Next Application Round for the CDFI Fund Program? 

Introducing the myFund Workbook 2.0 – a game changer in preparing CDFI Fund Program Applications!

In 2016, the CDFI Application Workbook was discontinued and replaced by the AMIS™ system. Our clients agree that making the switch was difficult and time-consuming.

To address this, we have developed an amazing, easy-to-use, collaborative workbook and project plan that guides you through the application and AMIS™ submission process!

myFund Workbook 2.0 gives you:

  • The fastest way to assess your competitiveness for funding.
  • The ability to submit your application in record time by not having to move back and forth between 100+ AMIS™ screens.
  • The confidence that the data entered is consistent and tells a cohesive story about your organization’s impacts and effectiveness to its Target Market.

This tool auto-fills data requested in multiple places to ensure consistency across the application; provides an easy-to-access understanding of your CDFI’s financial position; and makes the daunting application process understandable, clear, and manageable.  

Click here to preview the the workbook.  Want a preview of the upcoming FA/TA applications? Click here.