This is the Formula for Your CDFI’s Strategic Plan. Who Do You Trust To Get You There?

Everything is different, and nothing has changed. CDFIs trust Friedman Associates to guide them through the stages of building mission-driven lenders that create measurable impact. We know how to improve financial performance. We have the tools to forecast your growth. We can show you how to attract resources to achieve your vision. And yes, we write successful CDFI Fund applications.

Why F|A?  Because the stakes are too high – for your organization, your borrowers, and your community. You deserve to work with the largest team of industry experts dedicated to building and growing remarkably successful CDFIs.

CDFI Fund Program Applications: It Comes Down to This…

  • Unmatched competency: we come from the industry – executive, finance, lending, and development. We’ve been writing CDFI Fund applications for nearly 20 years. Plus, our team includes experts hired by the CDFI Fund to review program applications.
  • Unparalleled approach: we assess your competitiveness and craft a strategy that makes the best case for funding. We use proprietary software that accelerates the preparation of your application.
  • Low score blues? we’ll scrub your last FA or CMF application (and AMIS data entry) and deliver a comprehensive report with recommendations covering every question in the application.

Are You ‘Certifiable‘?  Welcome to CDFI Certification Central!

CDFI Certification is the gateway to achieving your vision to create widely shared economic opportunity in your community. Fill out this brief form and we will assess your readiness for certification – at no cost We then prepare your application and track it until approval!

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