We help build and grow remarkably successful Community Development Financial Institutions.

During this economic crisis, CDFIs have backstopped local economies and small businesses that mainstream banks don’t reach.

However, the truth is that CDFIs will have to ‘punch above their weight’ to help build an inclusive economy and deploy capital where it’s needed.  How? By strengthening the skills, instincts, and abilities they need to adapt and grow. 

To reach to higher levels of performance and impact, you want a consulting firm comprised of industry veterans with decades of on-the-ground experience – operations, lending, finance, and development.  There is a spotlight today on CDFIs.  Are you ready to shine?

Seamless support throughout the lifecycle of your CDFI

CDFI Start-Up: First, we take your vision, values, and knowledge of your market and fuse it with a fundable business plan. Next, we develop your lending operations playbook and toolkit. Give us a snack and then we can talk about capitalization strategies. We’re laying CDFI bricks right for the National Urban League, the City of Pittsburg, and the El Paso Community Foundation, among others.

CDFI Fund Certification: ask us about why we have the best track record for approved certification applications. Fill out this brief form and we will assess your readiness for certification – at no cost. 

CDFI Fund Program Applications: We’ve been writing successful applications for nearly 20 years. Plus, our team includes experts hired as readers for CDFI program applications.

CDFI Capacity Building and Growth Services: growth-oriented CDFIs rely on F|A to install ‘upgrades’ to improve loan fund operations, train staff, craft capitalization plans, and use our CDFI forecasting app that provides the most accurate and defensible projections for loan volume, financial performance, and impact.  No ‘in-app’ purchases required!

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